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Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature

The teachings of the Buddha are aimed solely at liberating sentient beings from suffering. The Basic Teachings of Buddha which are core to Buddhism are: The Three Universal Truths; The Four Noble Truths; and The Noble Eightfold Path.

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Monday, October 2, 2023

Dependent Origination


    Dependent origination (Sanskrit: pratityasamutpāda, Pali: paṭiccasamuppāda) is a key doctrine in Buddhism shared by all schools of Buddhism. It states that all dharmas (phenomena) arise in dependence upon other dharmas: "if this exists, that exists; if this ceases to exist, that also ceases to exist". The basic principle is that all things (dharmas, phenomena, principles) arise in dependence upon other things.

The most common way to understand dependent origination is through the twelve links of dependent origination:

  1. Ignorance (avidyā)
  2. Mental formations (saṅkhāra)
  3. Consciousness (viññāṇa)
  4. Name and form (nāmarūpa)
  5. The six senses (ṣaḍāyatana)
  6. Contact (phassa)
  7. Feeling (vedanā)
  8. Craving (taṇhā)
  9. Clinging (upādāna)
  10. Becoming (bhava)
  11. Birth (jāti)
  12. Old age and death (jarāmaraṇa)

    The twelve links can be seen as a cycle of suffering, with ignorance at the beginning and old age and death at the end. However, it is important to note that dependent origination is not a linear process. The twelve links are interconnected and mutually dependent. This means that any one link can be used as a starting point to understand the entire cycle.

    The Buddha taught that dependent origination is the root cause of suffering. When we are ignorant of the true nature of reality, we develop mental formations that lead to craving and clinging. This craving and clinging causes us to become attached to things and people, which leads to suffering.

    The way to end suffering is to break the cycle of dependent origination. This can be done by cultivating wisdom and compassion. When we understand the true nature of reality, we can see that things are impermanent and not-self. This allows us to let go of our attachments and end our suffering.

    Dependent origination is a profound teaching that has the potential to change our lives completely. By understanding the cycle of dependent origination, we can see how our thoughts, feelings, and actions lead to suffering. We can then begin to cultivate wisdom and compassion to break the cycle and achieve true liberation.


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