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Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature

The teachings of the Buddha are aimed solely at liberating sentient beings from suffering. The Basic Teachings of Buddha which are core to Buddhism are: The Three Universal Truths; The Four Noble Truths; and The Noble Eightfold Path.

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Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Dāna – Charity

Donor – Things – Donee

I. There are 4 types of Dāna a/c to Vinaya Piṭaka
1.     Piṇḍapāta dāna      = Giving alms-food
2.     Cīvāra dāna           = Giving robes
3.     Senāsana dāna       = Giving dwelling place
4.     Bhesajja dāna        = Giving medicine.

II. There are 6 types of Dāna a/c to Abhidhamma Piṭaka:
1.     Rūpa dāna             = Giving material things
2.     Sadda dāna            = Giving sound
3.     Gandha dāna         = Giving smell
4.     Rasa dāna              = Giving taste
5.     Phoṭṭhabbā dāna    = Giving touch
6.     Dhamma dāna       = Giving mind-object or Dhamma

III. There are 10 types of Dāna a/c to Suttanta Piṭaka:
1.         Anna dāna           = Giving food or eatables …
2.         Pāna dāna           = Giving drinks, juice, syrups …
3.         Vattha dāna         = Giving clothes, garments …
4.         Yāna dāna           = Giving conveyances, carriage, vehicle …
5.         Māla dāna           = Giving flowers
6.         Gandha dāna       = Giving fragrance, scent
7.         Vilepana dāna      = Giving unguent, ointment
8.         Seyyā dāna          = Giving couch, bed etc.
9.         Āvasatha dāna     = Giving abode, (dwelling.)
10.     Padīpeyya dāna    = Giving light, lamp, material for lighting …
(Ref: Dīgha Nikāya Pāthika vagga)

IV. There are 5 types of Immoral gifts:
1.     Majja dāna             = Giving intoxicating drinks and drugs
2.     Samajja dāna         = Giving theatrical display
3.     Itthi dāna               = Giving women (for sensual pleasure)
4.     Usabha dāna = Giving bull (for mating, breeding)
5.     Cittakamma dāna  = Giving painting (pornographic or erotic)
(Ref: Vinaya Piṭaka, Parivāra, Pañcakavāra)

V. There are 5 great gifts:
1.     Pāṇātipātā veramaṇi                  = Abstaining from killing
2.     Adinnādāna veramaṇi               = Abstaining from taken what not given
3.     Kāmesumicchācārā veramaṇi    = Abstaining from sexual misconduct
4.     Musāvādā veramaṇi                  = Abstaining from telling lies
5.     Surameraya majjapamā daṭṭhānā veramaṇi = Abstaining from using intoxicating and drugs
          (Ref: Abhisanda sutta, Aṭṭhakathā nipāta, Aṅguttara Nikāya)

VI. There are 3 types of dāna classified a/c to 3 levels:
          Hīna dāna
          Majjhima dāna
          Panīta dāna

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