Lecture No. 1: Buddhism in Pinya Period A.D. [1289-1364] - Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature


Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature

The teachings of the Buddha are aimed solely at liberating sentient beings from suffering. The Basic Teachings of Buddha which are core to Buddhism are: The Three Universal Truths; The Four Noble Truths; and The Noble Eightfold Path.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Lecture No. 1: Buddhism in Pinya Period A.D. [1289-1364]

Second semester
Lecture No. I.
Buddhism in Pinya Period A.D. [1289-1364]
1.    After Bagan declined as political power house as the result of the Tartar invasion, the last two rulers namely Sawhnit[1298-1325] and Uzana[1325-1369] lost control over the kingdom. They were mere governors exercising their power only at the capital.
2.    Three descendants of Bagan dynasty who were half Shan and half Myanmarwere three princes, Athin­hkhya, Yazathingyanand Thihathu. They set up three principalities. Myint­saing, Pinyaand Sagaingand ruled contemporaneously. They quar­reled among themselves for the power rivalry and family dispute. But they were united when the Tartars invaded their lands.
3.    Myintsaingand Pinya are located in the irrigated region of Kyauksewhereas Sagaing is just across the river Ayeyawaddy, opposite to Mandalay. This period of the rule of three Shanbrother princes and their dynasties was known as Pinya Period which lasted only 66 years.
4.    Though Shans were originally animists and they worshiped tribal Nats, Bagan'smissionary monks had preached the Dhammain Shan states. Many Shans had embraced Buddhism. Besides the three Shan princes being descendants of Bagan dynasty were like Bagan Kings, patron and pro­moters of Theravada Buddhism.
5.     Many religious monuments and monasteries were built at Myintsaingand Pinya, the ruins of which still survive. In the case of Saging, it was already famous as the centre of Buddhasasananext to Bagan before it became a political power house in the Pinyaperiod. Thirty seven hills in the Sagaing hill range along the Ayeya­waddyRiver were the abode of holy recluses. Their names suggest the kings and the dynasties by whom and in which they were founded. For example there still is a holy recluse known as AnurudhaRecluse which was founded by King Anawrahtaof Bagan. Therefore the kings of Sagaing were also patrons and promoters of Buddhism.
6.     Among monks scholars of this Period one popularly known as Soo Twin Pyit Sayadaw was prominent because of his learnedness and scho­larship as well as because of his strange life and career.
7.      During the reign of King Thihathu[A.D. 1298-1312] of Pinya Period, a large teak wooden monastery was built by the royal order. The King issued a royal proclamation that "the monk, who hath the courage, let him take possession of this monastery." For some years the monastery was vacant.
8.     One day a monk on his home bound journey from Bagan reached Pinya. On learning the royal proc­lamation he took occupancy of the monastery without informing anyone. This was reported to the King. The King sent Satuyingabala, a very learned knight to the monk to test the latter's learning and moral character. The knight after examining the monk's knowledge and in all three Sasanas, Pariyatti, Patipatiand Pativeda. The King donated the mo­nastery to the monk.

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