Lecture No. 3: Buddhism in Inwa period [contd.] - Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature


Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature

The teachings of the Buddha are aimed solely at liberating sentient beings from suffering. The Basic Teachings of Buddha which are core to Buddhism are: The Three Universal Truths; The Four Noble Truths; and The Noble Eightfold Path.

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Monday, June 17, 2019

Lecture No. 3: Buddhism in Inwa period [contd.]

Lecture No. III Buddhism in Inwa period [contd.]

1.    Shin Uttama Kyaw’s Tawlapoem can be likened to Kaludayi’ssixty Pali poems composed and recited to make the Buddha visit his father’s capital. Tawla poem was composed in the same vein.
2.    Shin Maha Thilawuntha was a talented monk poet. All his literary works ranked high in Myanmarliterature. From his prolific[1]pen flowed out masterpieces which dis­played his skill in poetic com­position, rhyming, metre and rhythm as well as in selection of beautiful words and poetic imagery. His “Pyo” poems es­pecially Paramidaw Khan Pyo, Hsu Taung Khan Pyo, Buddhupat Pyoand Dhammapala Pyo deserve all literary credits – beautiful com­position, dic­tion, presentation of ideas and deep expression of piety[2]. They all deal with religious theme.
3.    His other works are Mawkun. Mawkunis another verse form. It is a historical record of an important events which had taken place but which were worthy of preserving for posterities. Among his Mawkunverse Tada Uti Mawkun [recording the con­struction of a big reservoir called Stri-sha Kan] is well-known.
4.    He also wrote good prose. To give two examples of his prose are Parayana Wuthtu. "Wuthtu" means novel. It was in the style of a novel but the theme was religious – the way to attain Nirvana, Yaza Wun Kyaw[famous history]. It was a chronology of Kings and their reigns.
5.    Shin Ohn Nyo was like Shin Uttama Kyaw who became famous by writing only one literary piece in the form of "Pyo" verse. It is known as "Gahta" Chauk Sei Pyo[a Pyo of 60 Pali verses]. The 60 Pali verses which Kaludayi composed. Like Tawla, his Pyo was a masterpiece. It tells the story of Kaludayi and his 60 Pali verses. But it painted picturesquely natural lands copes in poetic words and imageries.
6.    So far we cannot trace any of Shin Kheymar'sworks. But Pitakat Thamaing [history of Pitaka] mentions that he wrote many books in Pali.
7.    Apart from the above-mentioned monks of the divine message list, there were many monk writers who emerged in Inwa period. Noted among them were Shin Maha Rahtathara, Shin Teyzaw Thaya, Shin Agga Thamadi, Shin Aindagutaand Kantaw Min Kyaung Sayadaw. The first four monks were Pyo writers. Shin Maha Rahtatharawas as famous as Shin Maha Thilawuntha. These two were contemporaries and literary rivals. They tried to outdo[3]each other in their literary talents and poetic skills. Their royal patron King Mui Khaungencouraged their competition and thus promoted the production of literary output[4].

[1]            (of an artist, a writer, etc.) producing many works, etc// (of plants, animals, etc.) producing a lot of fruit, flowers, young, etc// able to produce enough food, etc. to keep many animals and plants alive// existing in large numbers//  » prolifically adverb
[2]           the state of having or showing a deep respect for sb/sth, especially for God and religion; the state of being PIOUS/ OPP IMPIETY
[3]           (outdoes {speaker} outdid {speaker} outdone {speaker}) to do more or better than sb else
[4]           » (n) the amount of sth that a person, a machine or an organization produces// the information, results, etc. produced by a computer// the power, energy, etc. produced by a piece of equipment/   a place where energy, power, information, etc. leaves a system      
» (v) (outputting, output, output) to supply or produce information, results, etc

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