LECTURE NO. V: THE ADVENT OF BUDDHISM TO MYANMAR - Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature


Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature

The teachings of the Buddha are aimed solely at liberating sentient beings from suffering. The Basic Teachings of Buddha which are core to Buddhism are: The Three Universal Truths; The Four Noble Truths; and The Noble Eightfold Path.

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Monday, June 17, 2019


The second arrival of Buddha Sasana
(1)   In maha Sakarit year 111, in the 8th vasa of the Buddha Maha Thera Gavampati entreated the Buddha to visit Thaton [Suvana Bhumi]
(2)   The Buddha came with his disciples
(3)   He preached the Dhamma to the King and people of Thaton who embraced Buddhism.
(4)   Sacred hairs offered to six hermits who enshrined them, each in one stupa.
(5)   37 years after Maha Sakarit year 111, the Buddha passed away [Mahaparinibbana]. His mortal remains were cremated. Unburnt teeth of his were taken to Thaton.
(6)   The King of Thaton enshrined them each one in stupa on the hill range "Kesala"

(a)   Dhammazedi's Mon inscription
(b)  Shwedagon Zedi Inscription
(c)   Kesala Taung Inscription at Taung Zun
(d)  Sasana Linkaya Sardan [Treatise on history of Buddha sasana]
(e)   Vamsadipani [History of the Buddha in Pāḷi]

The third arrival of Buddha Sasana
In the Maha Sakarit year 123, in the 20thvasa of the Buddha, while he was residing at the Jetavana vihara.
(1)   Maha Thera Ponna invited the Buddha to visit native village Sunaparanta
(2)   The Buddha came there with 500 monk disciples
(3)   Resided in a sandal wood monastery and preached the Dhamma to the Local people
(4)   The Buddha left two foot prints, one at the foot of Minbu hill range and the other on its summit as his representatives for the people to venerate and practise the Dhamma.
(5)   Two Pada Zedis at inbu hill range and Kyaung Taw Ya zedi on the site of the Sandal wood monastery in Magway Division.
(6)   Maha Thera Ponna propagated Buddhism.

The Buddha Sasana in Rakhain State
(1)   In the same year 123, Rakhine Chronicle claims the visit of the Buddha to their land.
(2)   After hearing the Dhamma preached by the Buddha, King sandasuriya and his people becamme Buddhist.
(3)   An alloy image of the Budha was cast as his representative for veneration.
(4)   Crown Prince, son of King Bodaw paya [A.D. 1782-1819] brought the Image to Amarapura. It is now housed in a Sumptuous temple in Mandalay.
(5)   Five types of Zedi in Myanmar
1.      Dhatu Zedi 2. Dhamma Zedi, 3. paribawga Zedi, 4. Udisa Zedi and (5) Pada zedi

Rederences: (1) Uparipannasa Athakatha
                        (2) Puññavada sutta
                        (3) Rakhine Chronicle
                        (4) Te glass palace chronicle
                        (5) The Chronicle of Konbaungset.

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