LECTURE NO. VI: THE ADVENT OF BUDDHISM TO MYANMAR - Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature


Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature

The teachings of the Buddha are aimed solely at liberating sentient beings from suffering. The Basic Teachings of Buddha which are core to Buddhism are: The Three Universal Truths; The Four Noble Truths; and The Noble Eightfold Path.

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Monday, June 17, 2019


The forth arrival of Buddha Sasana
(1)   In the Buddhist Era 236, Emperor Asoka of Pataliputtara held the Third Buddhist Synod [Council]
(2)   Maha Thera Moggaliputta Tissa the Nayaka [Chairman of the council advised Asoka to send out Buddhist missions to 9 places and 9 countries to propagate Buddhisṃ
(3)   Asoka's son and daughter Mahinda and Sanghasumi who became bhikkhu and bhikkhuni took up missionary work. Sanghasumita went to Lanka Dipa [Sri Lanka] and planted a branch from the Bodhi Tree under which the Buddha became enlightened.
(4)   Maha Theras Sona and Uttara, accompanied by Maha Theras Anuruddha, Tissagupta and Soneyya were despatched to Suvannabhumi
(5)   Buddha sasana that had arrived there before had declined.
(6)   King Sei ma of Suvannabhumi and his people after hearing the Dhamma preached by the Missionary monks Sona and Uttara embraced Buddhism.
(7)   60.000 became Arahat, 3500 men and 1500 women entered monkhood.

The fifth arrival of Buddha sasana
(1)   The Fourth Buddhist Synod was held in Sri Lanka. It was patronized and convened by King Vadagamani in the Budhist Era 450.
(2)   Maha Thera Dhammarakkhita presided over the Fourth Buddhist Council and 500 Arahats attended it
(3)   Tipitaka was translated into Magaha, and Atthakathas [Commentaries] were rendered into Sri lankalanguage.
(4)   All Sciptures and translations were inscribed on palm leaves. This was the first recording in writing of Tipitaka, commentaries and translations.
(5)   In the Buddhist Era 930 [A.D 386 (C)] maha Thera Buddhaghosa [a native of Ghosa village in Rajagaha Kingdom in India] was invited by his guru monk Maha Thera Revata to reside at maha vihara monastery on the bank of the Kalayani river in Sri Lanka.
(6)   Mahathera Buddhaghosa resided at maha vihara monastery for over a decade
(7)   During his stay there he translated into Magadha[Pāḷi] commentaries written in Sri Lanka language.
(8)   Maha Thera Buddhaghosa came to Suvanna bhumi [Thaton] and presented to King Dhammapala of Suvannabhumi his translated works.
(9)   That was the fifth arrival of Buddha sasana in Myanmar in the form of written Tipitaka.
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