THE CHAPTER IV OF SAṂGHĀDISESA - Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature


Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature

The teachings of the Buddha are aimed solely at liberating sentient beings from suffering. The Basic Teachings of Buddha which are core to Buddhism are: The Three Universal Truths; The Four Noble Truths; and The Noble Eightfold Path.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019


4. attakāmapāricariya sikkhāpada

            Once upon time the Buddhawas residing at the Jetavanamonastery in Sāvatthi. At that time Venerable Udāyīwas dependent on families, and approached many families. There was a certain woman who was a widow and beautiful. Ven.Udāyī, rising early and taking his robe and bowl, came up to this woman's house and sat down on the appointed seat. Then Ven.Udāyī rejoiced and pleased this woman with talk on dhamma.
            The woman said, "Please say, Ven. Sir, whatever you need, such as robes, alms-food, lodging and medicine". Ven.Udāyī said, "It is very easy to obtain these four requisites. You should offer the difficult thing or the highest offering which is sexual intercourse".
            "I am ready, sir, please come." She replied, and entering into an inner room, taking off her cloak, she lay back on the couch. Then Ven.Udāyī approached her and said: "Who could touch this evil-smelling wretch?" and he departed spitting. She became angry with him. Then she spread about it. Having heard about it, The Buddha promulgated this Sikkhāpada:

            Yo pana bhikkhu otiṇṇo vipariṇatena cittena mātugāmassa santike attakāmapāricariyāya vaṇṇaṃ bhāseyya "etadaggaṃ bhagini pāricariyānaṃ yāmādisaṃ sīlavantaṃ kalyāṇadhammaṃ brahmacāriṃ etena dhammena paricareyyā" ti methunupasaṃhitena, saṃghādiseso. 
Should any bhikkhu, lustful, with perverted mind, speak in praise of ministering to his own sensual pleasure in the presence of a woman, saying "Sister, a woman should offer a gift of sexual intercourse, which is the best and most excellent of all other gifts, to one who is virtuous, fine natured and leads the holy life like me.", this entails Saṃghādisesa offence.

five factors

1. Manussitthī                                   = Being a human female.
2. Itthi saññitā                                   = Having perception of being a human female.
3. Attakāmapāricariyāya arāgo       = Being infatuated in praise of ministering to his own sensuality.
4. Tena rāgena vaṇṇabhaṇanaṃ    = Speaking in that praise of ministering to his own sensuality.
5. Taṅkhaṇa vijānanaṃ                   = Being understood by woman as soon as a monk speaks.

Definition of some words
-woman                           = A human girl who is sophisticated enough to understand the lewd words.
-virtuous                          = Virtue which means abstinence from killing, stealing and falsehood, etc.
-leads to holy life      = Noble practice which means abstinence from sexual intercourse.
-fine natured                    = Good noble dhamma which means good conduct in respect of virtue and in respect of noble practice.

-If a monk speaks in the presence of a woman about ministering to his own sensuality,
à it incurs saṃghādisesa offence.
-If a monk speaks in the presence of a eunuch or hermaphrodite,
à it incurs thullaccāya offence.
-If a monk speaks in presence of an animal and a man,
à it incurs dukkaṭa offence.

            Anāpatti “civara piṇḍapāta senāsana gilānappaccayabhesajjaparikkhārena upaṭhahāsi” bhaṇati ummattakassa ādikammikassa.
There is no offence if he speaks saying “Support (us) with the requisites of robes, alms-food, lodgings, medicine for the sick”, if he is mad, if he is a beginner.

A monk should not speak in the presence of a woman about ministering to his own sensuality.


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