THE CHAPTER III OF SAṂGHĀDISESA - Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature


Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature

The teachings of the Buddha are aimed solely at liberating sentient beings from suffering. The Basic Teachings of Buddha which are core to Buddhism are: The Three Universal Truths; The Four Noble Truths; and The Noble Eightfold Path.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019


3. Duṭṭhullavācā sikkhāpada
           At one time, the Lord was staying at Jetavanamonastery in Sāvatthi. At that time, Venerable Udāyīlived in jungle. The dwelling of him was lovely, good to look upon, beautiful. Many women came to the park in order to see the dwelling. Venerable Udāyī, showing these women his dwelling and pointing out the privies to them, spoke in praise, spoke in blame, begged, implored, asked, questioned, described, exhorted, and abused.
Those women who had little fear of blame, who were sly and who had no shame mocked at the Venerable Udāyī, called out to him, laughed at him, made fun of him.
            But those women who had shame, upon departing complained to the monks, saying: "Honored sirs, this is not suitable, it is not fitting, we should not wish this spoken about even by our husbands, to say nothing of master Udāyī".
Because of this reason, the Buddha set this sikkhāpada forth.
            Yo pana bhikkhu otiṇṇo vipariṇatena cittena mātugāmaṃ duṭṭhullāhi vācāhi obhāseyya yathā taṃ yuvā yuvatiṃ mithunupasaṃhitāhi, saṃghādiseso.      
            Should any Bhikkhu, lustful, with perverted mind, address a woman with lewd words in the manner of young man to a young woman relating to sexual intercourse, this entails saṃghādisesa offence.

Five factors
1. munussiṭṭhī                       = being a human female.
2. iṭṭhisaññitā                        = having perception of being a human female.
3. duṭṭhullavācāssādarāgo   = being infatuated in speaking of lewd words.
4. tena rāgena obhāsanaṃ   = speaking lewd words with that lustful desire.
5. taṅkhaṇavijānanaṃ         = being understood by woman as soon as a monk speaks.

Definitions of some words
-woman                      = a human girl who is sophisticated enough to understand the lewd words.                                       
-lewd word                = the lewd word which is connected with anus, genital organ and sexual intercourse.

Nine kinds of speech
1.vaṇṇa                      = praising concerning genital organs, anus, and sexual intercourse.
2.avaṇṇa                    = dispraising concerning genital organs, anus, and sexual intercourse.
3.yācana                     = begging sexual intercourse.
4.āyācana                   = begging sexual intercourse repeatedly.
5.pucchana                = questioning the experience of sexual intercourse.
6.paṭipucchana         = questioning or counter-questioning the experience of sexual intercourse again and again.
7.ācikkhana               = telling the way to make sex when asked by her.
8.anusāsana               = admonishing or instructing the way to make sexual intercourse without asking.
9.akkosana                = reviling or abusing using the lewd words.

                     (a) animitta                  = avoidance of female sign.
                     (b) nimittamatta          = no complete sign, but just a mark of female sign.
                     (c) alohita                     = dry urine hole.
                     (d) dhuvalohita            = wet urine hole.
                     (e) dhuvacoḷa              = inserting the cloth in urine hole.
                     (f) paggharaṇa             = always leaking the urine.
                     (g) sikharaṇī                = long sexual organ.
                     (h) itthipaṇḍakā           = female hermaphrodite.
                     (i) vepurisika               = female like a man because of her beard, mustache, etc.
                     (j) sambhinna              = connecting anus and sexual organ in her.                     
                     (k) ubhatobyañjanaka = having male organ as well as female organ.

-If a monk speaks about genital organ and anus,
à it incurs samghādisesa offence.
-If a monk speaks about part of the body between collarbone and knee joint except genital organ and anus,
à it incurs thullaccaya offence.
-If a monk speaks about remaining parts of body and things connected with her body,
à it incurs dukkaṭa offence.

Anāpatti atthapurekkhārassa dhammapurekkhārassa anusāsanipurekkhārassa ummattakassa  ādikammikassa.
There is no offence if it is aiming at (explaining) the meaning, if he is aiming at (explaining) dhamma, if it is aiming at (explaining) teaching, if he is mad, if he is a first offender.  
Summary: A monk should not speak the lewd word.

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