THE CHAPTER OF SAṂGHĀDISESA - Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature


Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature

The teachings of the Buddha are aimed solely at liberating sentient beings from suffering. The Basic Teachings of Buddha which are core to Buddhism are: The Three Universal Truths; The Four Noble Truths; and The Noble Eightfold Path.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019


I.                  Sukkavissaṭṭhi Sikkhāpada
At one time Enlightened One, the Lord, was staying at Sāvatthi in the Jeta Grove in Anāthapiṇḍika’s park. Now at that time the venerable Seyyasakaled the Brahmin-life, dissatisfied. Because of this, he was think, wretched, his color bad, yellowish, and the veins showing all over his body. The venerable Udāyī saw the venerable Seyyasaka thin, wretched, and so on.

Then he suggested him, “You, reverend Seyyasaka, eat as much as you like, sleep as much as you like, bath as much as you like, eating as much as you like, sleeping as much as you like, bathing as much as you like, if dissatisfaction arises in you and passion assails your heart to, then emit semen using your hand”.

Then the venerable Seyyasaka followed the way of venerable Udāyī. Then in a short time, the venerable Seyyasaka was nice-looking with rounded features, of a bright complexion and a clear skin.
Those who were modest monks became annoyed, vexed and angry, saying:
“How can the venerable Seyyasaka emit semen in this way?”
Then these monks, having rebuked the venerable Seyyasaka in various ways, told this matter to the Lord. Then the Lord in this occasion, in this connection, having had the order of monks, and laid down this sikkhāpada:
Sañcetanika sukkavissaṭṭhi, Saṃghādiseso.
Intentional emission of semen, this entails Saṃghādisesaoffence.

Now at that time, monks, having eaten abundant food, went to sleep, thoghtless and carelesss. While they were sleeping, one of them emitted semen as the result of a dream. These were remorseful and said, “The course of training laid down by the Lord says that that intentional emssion of semen is a matter requiring a formal meeting of the Order; and because of dream one of us (did this). Now is this intention permitted?  What now if we have fallen into and offence requiring a formal meeting of the Order?” They told this matter to the Lord. He said: “Monks, this was the intention, but it does not apply. Monks, this course or training should be set forth:

Sañcetanika sukkavissaṭṭhi aññatra supinantā, Saṃghādiseso.
Intentional emissions of semen except in a dream, this entails Saṃghādisesa offence.

Three factors
1.      Cetanā                        Having           intention        to emit semen
2.      Upakkama                 Making           effort              to emit semen
3.      Muccana                    Having           semen             been emitted

Eleven kinks of lustful enjoyments with regard to emission of semen:
1.      Mocanassāda             = The Enjoyment before emission
2.      Muccanassāda          = The Enjoyment while emitting
3.      Muttassāda                = The Enjoyment after emission
4.      Methunassāda           = The Enjoyment in sexual intercourse
5.      Phassassāda               = The Enjoyment in touch own sexual organ
6.      Kaṇḍuvanassāda      = The Enjoyment while scratching itch
7.      Dassanassāda            = The Enjoyment seeing the sexual organ of a woman
8.      Nisajjanassāda          = The Enjoyment sitting together with a woman
9.      Vācassāda                  = The Enjoyment making conversation with a woman
10.Gehasitapemassāda  = The Enjoyment having attachment to own family
11.Vanabhaṅgiyassāda = The Enjoyment receiving the present from a woman

Āpatti bheda
-A monk intends, makes an effort and emits semen                    àSaṃghādisesa offence           
-A monk intends, makes an effort but does not emit semen       à Thullaccaya offence

        Anāpatti supinantena namocanādhippāyassa ummattakassa khittacittassa vedanāṭṭassa ādikamnikassa.
        There is no offence if he was dreaming, if there was no intentional emission, if he
was mad, unhinged, in pain, a first offender.      

Summary: A monk should not emit semen intentionally.

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