THE CHAPTER II OF SAṂGHĀDISESA - Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature


Buddhism, Philosophy, and Khmer Literature

The teachings of the Buddha are aimed solely at liberating sentient beings from suffering. The Basic Teachings of Buddha which are core to Buddhism are: The Three Universal Truths; The Four Noble Truths; and The Noble Eightfold Path.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2019


2.Kāyasaṃsagga sikkhāpada
            At one time, the Lord was staying at Jetavana monastery in Sāvatthi. At that time Venerable Udāyī lived in jungle. The dwelling of him was lovely, good to look upon, beautiful, the inner chamber in the middle was entirely surrounded by the house; the couch and chair, the bolster and pillow were well designed, the water used for drinking and that used for washing were well placed; the cell was well swept. Many people came to look at the dwelling of the venerable Udāyī, a certain Brahmin together with his wife approached the venerable Udāyī, and having approached the venerable Udāyī, he said: "We want to see your dwelling."
"Do look at it, Brahmin," he said, and taking the key, unfastening the bolt, and opening the door, he entered the dwelling. The Brahmin entered after Venerable Udāyī, and the Brahmin lady entered behind the Brahmin. Then the venerable Udāyī, opening some windows and closing others, going round about the inner room, and coming up from behind, rubbed up against the Brahmin lady limb by limb.
            After hearing about this matter, the Buddha laid down this sikkhāpada as follow.

            Yo pana bhikkhu otiṇṇo vipariṇatena cittena mātugāmena saddhiṃ kāyasaṃsaggaṃ samāpajjheyya hatthaggāhaṃ vā veṇiggāhaṃ vā aññatarassa vā aññatarassa vā aṅgassa parāmasanaṃ, Saṃghādiseso.

Should any Bhikkhu, lustful, with perverted mind, engage with a woman in bodily contact, holding her hand or hair, touching any part of her body, this entails saṃghādisesa offence.


Five factors

1.Manussitthī                                    = Being a human female.
2.Itthi saññitā                                    = Having perception of being a human female.
3.Kāyasaṃsaggarāgo                       = Being infatuated by engaging with a woman in bodily contact.
4.Tena rāgena vāyāmo                     = Making an effort with that lustful desire.
5.Hatthaggāhādisamāpajjanaṃ      = Holding the hands, touching the body, etc.

Definition of some words
woman         = human female even if she has just been born.
hand            = the hand from elbow to the tip of the fingers.
hair              = head hair as well as body hair.

Anāmāsavatthu (improper things)
  1. even new born girl.
  2. articles of a woman.
  3. picture, photo, statue, portrait of a woman.
  4. several kinds of crop, rice, etc.
  5. several kinds of pea, bean, etc.
  6. several kinds of fruit, such as coconut, banana, etc.
  7. several kinds of treasure, such as pearl, ruby, gold, silver, etc .
  8. several kinds of money, currency note.
  9. several kinds of arm, weapon.
10. several kinds of musical instrument.

-Desiring cohabitation if he makes bodily exertion and recognizes contact,
                              àthis entails saṃghādisesaoffence.
-Desiring cohabitation if he makes bodily exertion but does not recognize contact,
                              àthis entails dukkaṭa offence.
-If a monk touches any part of a woman's body with his hand (body to body),
                              àthis entails saṃghādisesaoffence.
      -If a monk touches the things connected with a woman's body with his body (body to things),
                                    àthis entails thullaccayaoffence.
      -If a monk touches the thing connected with a woman with thing connected with him (thing to thing),
                                    àthis entails dukkaṭa offence.

      Anāpatti asañcicca asatiyā ajānantassa asādiyantassa ummattakassa khittacittassa vedanāṭṭassa ādikammassa.
There is no offence if it is not on purpose, not intentional, not knowing, not agreeing, if he is mad, unhinged, in pain, a first offender.
A monk should not touch any parts of woman's body with lustful desire.


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